Tampa Bay 7-year-old is being called the next Usain Bolt

7-year-old Hillsborough County resident Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram is quickly gaining national attention for his track skills. A video from his Instagram account (he’s already blue check verified and has over 300k followers) shows the small speedster running the 60 meter dash in 8.69 seconds and the 100 meter dash in 13.48 seconds. For comparison, that time would put him towards the back of the pack in some local high school track meets. But those kids are over twice his age!



The comments on Blaze’s video are riddled with Usain Bolt comparisons. We’ll have to wait awhile before any possible Olympics appearances, but for now he’s at least the world’s fastest 7-year-old.

This isn’t Blaze’s first taste of the spotlight. He also caught some attention last year for his football skills. If he keeps this pace athletically, this kid will have some big decisions to make about a decade from now. Until then, keep an eye on Hillsborough’s youngest superstar athlete.



Cover image courtesy of @blaze_813

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