Spring Forward: Should Florida enact permanent Daylight Saving Time?

It’s almost time to Spring Forward, Tampa! On Sunday, March 8 all the clocks get set forward one hour. Yes, we’re losing an hour this weekend, but wasn’t Florida supposed to have permanent Daylight Saving Time already?

Yes, in spite of the fact that the Florida Legislature passed a bill that would make Daylight Saving Time the permanent standard time, the clocks continue to get set backward and forward.


In 2018, then Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into law, but the law requires congressional approval.

Why hasn’t the bill been approved? There are those that worry putting Florida on a different schedule than the rest of the country would have dire consequences for companies that do business across state lines. Florida itself already has two time zones.

Senator Marco Rubio is an ardent supporter of moving Florida to permanent Day Light Saving Time, according to a report by the Sun-Sentinel. This year’s bill, the Sunshine Protection Act, would move states permanently onto daylight saving time if they’ve requested it.

So, to answer the question: Yes, you still have to set your clocks back and forth in Florida. For now, at least.

What do you think? Should Florida move to permanent Daylight Saving Time?

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