This Seminole Heights Brewery is a beer lover’s paradise

If you were able to get out and see Fresh Fest, Tampa’s first mural festival, you might have wandered into Southern Brewing and Winemaking.

This in-the-cut spot in Seminole Heights has some of the most unique small-batch beers you are going to encounter in the Bay. And, for the beer lover, this place is paradise!


One scroll through their Instagram will delight you with some of the Willy Wonka-like flavors they are cooking up. The Arnold Palmer-inspired Earl Garey, Coconut Vanilla Moonraker, Pickled Gose, Wild Tangerine Foeder, and Strawberry Mint Saison just to name a few.

Beer varieties you won’t find anywhere else 

The taproom’s chalkboard listing the brewery’s experimental offerings is always changing, but one thing is for sure when you visit this brewery: you are going to drink a beer you can’t get anywhere else.

Of course, the setting you are drinking this bodacious beer is important. Southern Brewing and Winemaking has built out a laid-back, outdoor biergarten complete with fountains, shrubbery galore and a trellis with lawn chairs askance. It is not meant to be fancy. Hitting up this Tampa Bay brewery is more like going to a friend’s BBQ.

This haven of hops comes from the minds of beer industry veteran and homebrew maestro, Brian Fenstermacher, and his wife, Kelly Fenstermacher. Brian was a brewer at the Ybor City Brewing Company, which famously pumped out Ybor Gold Lager. Now, he and his wife are focused on making unique brews for all of Tampa and helping folks make their own beer at home.

Start brewing your own beer

Southern Brewing and Winemaking has a large selection of grains and yeast in their supply store. They even have easy pre-made ingredients, starter kits and recipes for those who want to get involved right away.

Visit Southern Brewing & Winemaking at 4500 N. Nebraska Avenue.


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