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Rocca bringing handmade pasta and skyline views to The Heights

Meatballs alla Romana, braised beef shank sugo
Featured Image Courtesy of Rocca Tampa

Spaghetti Pomodoro with meatballs. A caprese salad with fresh mozzarella and a balsamic drizzle. Spinach and cheese tortellini with a pesto sauce. Mmmm *chef kiss*, there is truly nothing better than Italian food. NOTHING.

Lucky for us, a new Italian restaurant will be opening in Tampa in The Heights District. Slated to open in September of 2019, Rocca will offer warm and welcoming hospitality paired with views of the Tampa skyline. Located at 323 W Palm Ave, they’ll be another brilliant addition to the rapidly expanding district.


Featured image courtesy of Rocca Tampa on Instagram.

Time to meet the Chef!

Chef Bryce Bonsack’s handmade pasta-focused menu features Italian fare with regional Florida ingredients as its inspiration. Bonsack graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park in New York. After leaving, he decided to open a pasta-focused restaurant using the knowledge he gained working in New York. Chef Bonsack then traveled to Italy to learn the realities of Italian cooking.


This trip to Italy is actually where he got the inspiration for the name of the restaurant. He stayed with the Rocca family at their more than a century old restaurant, Da Felicin. Before he left, he asked the family if he could name his new restaurant Rocca, in honor of their amazing hospitality and the relationship they had made.

Food for days on end

Okay. Now, what you’ve all been waiting for. Check out some of these dishes. As a girl who cooks Italian food every other night, I cannot WAIT to try these dishes.

GUYS, are you KIDDING me?? Look at that mozzarella! Look at those golden tomatoes. I’m dying. Throw that basil on there and I will be eating this all day every day.

Want something heartier? No problem, dive right into this tagliatelle al ragu. Tagliatelle (pronounced tah-lee-uh-tell-eh) is a ribbon-like pasta, sort of similar to fettuccini. This beef ragu/aged-Parmigiano combo will leave your stomach full and your body happy.

If you can see yourself THRIVING surrounded by the food in this environment, Rocca is hiring. They have positions open in both the front of house and back of the house. You can apply here.

Be sure to follow Rocca Tampa on Facebook on Instagram.


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