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Peterbrooke Chocolatier brings hot cocoa bombs, chocolate charcuterie boards to Tampa

assorted chocolates, Oreos and pretzels arranged on a chocolate board

Peterbrooke Chocolatier is officially open in Downtown Tampa, and it brings extravagant sweet dreams to edible life.

Nearly a year ago, the Hill family left their day jobs in hopes of opening Peterbrooke Chocolatier on Tampa’s bustling riverfront. On March 25th, the wide-eyed and optimistic team felt their sugar-coated dreams begin to become a reality. They signed their lease! It was finally happening! Or so they thought. 


Tampa’s hottest new dessert spot

When night fell, the news hit. Tampa was under quarantine lockdown.

Yet here we are today, and Peterbrooke is one the city’s hottest new dessert spots. As well-known restaurants continue to fall in the wake of the pandemic, this humble newcomer has reached booming success. So, naturally, I had to visit them to figure out their secret.

Immediately upon entering the whimsically vibrant store, I was struck by the overwhelming scent of chocolate. Now, when I say overwhelming, I’m not talking hot cocoa, or festive candles, or even the smell of slowly baking brownies. I’m talking a next-level, Willy Wonka-like waft that swallows you in a thick blanket of sugary goodness. 


I’m not an expert or anything, but I’d bet good money that the store’s smell alone has a hand in its success. I mean, if you enter Peterbrooke and aren’t  instantly hungry, you’re probably not human.

A few minutes later, I was nose-deep in an assortment of the store’s best chocolate. According to mom (and head of operations), Jennifer, the hand-dipped, chocolate-covered popcorn was a must-try, so I did. 

She was right. But I didn’t stop there.

From peppermint bark to pretzels dripping in white chocolate, everything I tried was delicious. But with the holidays coming up, and gift ideas needed, I’ve decided to pick a few favorites to help Peterbrooke first-timers navigate this candy wonderland. So, cozy up with some fuzzy socks and a steaming mug of cocoa– it’s time to check out the highlights.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

These new holiday classics have become all the rage on social media, and sister team, Sydney and Drew, attest to making hundreds a week. To release their flavor, simply drop one in a cup, pour hot milk over the top, and stir. 

In Sydney’s words, they’re pretty much the “bath bomb” of beverages.

Peanut Butter Chewy

If I was stranded on a desert island with only one item, I’d want it to be the peanut butter chewy.

A sticky, sweet square of cornflakes soaked in melted peanut butter, this decadent treat is made irresistible with its generous drizzle of house-made dark chocolate. Oh—and they’re currently BOGO, which is the perfect excuse to eat two.

Jolly, the Stuffed Snowman

Remember that best-selling chocolate covered popcorn I told you about? Well, you can get it stuffed inside an adorable edible snowman. If Santa doesn’t bring me one, then he probably forgot to check his lists, because it’s definitely on the top of mine.

Chocolate Charcuterie Board

A playful take on the classic meat and cheese board, the “chocolate charcuterie board” is perfect for (socially distanced) holiday parties, family gatherings, or friendly game nights. Situated on top of a giant Rice Krispy Treat, this 7-pound dessert feast is the best way to sample all of Peterbrooke’s bite-sized favorites.

Pretty Much Everything Dipped in Chocolate

From baked goods to potato chips, if you can imagine it, Peterbrooke can dip it. Go ahead and let your chocolate dreams run wild– we won’t judge.

Spreading Joy 

As great as Peterbrooke’s treats are, the true, intangible secret behind their unprecedented success is the family’s love for what they do. To the Hills, sharing positivity is just as important as sharing chocolate.

“This has been our dream,” says Jennifer with a smile, “Making people happy. That’s the most rewarding part of it all.” 

To place an order with Peterbrooke Chocolatier, visit or call (813) 585-1703.


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