Nursery Brings Mother Nature to Tampa Heights

It’s getting easier to go green in the city of Tampa. The newest business in The Heights, Fancy Free Nursery, offers an array of native Florida plants ready to survive this state’s climate, and apartment living downtown.



Owners share a passion for plants

Owners Megan and Robby Wages share a passion for plants. While both owners still bartend part-time, they’ve put quite a lot into making their business a hidden paradise. Nestled around the block from Franklin Street Fine Woodworks, and neighboring the soon-to-open Garagiste Meadery at 1502 North Florida Avenue, Fancy Free Nursery is replete with cacti, ferns, succulents and more.

They quietly opened on May 21 to tremendous fanfare. On our visit, most of their stock had been sold.  Brilliant hues of pink, yellow and green intermingle in the sunlight in Fancy Free’s outdoor area. Its opening reflects the current small business renaissance in Tampa Heights.

Visitors are encouraged to mix and match their favorite varieties into custom pots to take home. We picked up a pot containing Kangaroo Paw Fern, Ripple Pepperomia and Hypoestes Pink Splash.


Going green in downtown Tampa

Fun gardens aren’t just for those with expansive yards. The Wages have helped residents of The Element outfit their balconies and desks with lush houseplants that infuse even a studio apartment with the atmosphere of the wilderness.

Fancy Free Nursery is far more than just a shop — the owners plan to host a variety of workshops to help shoppers care for, and decorate with plants. The first will be held on June 15 and will teach participants how to create their own cactus arrangement.

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