Massive Publix subs sale to begin this week

Publix subs are divine treats in the state of Florida. The grocery giant is about to sell foot-long subs for super cheap. How cheap?

They’re selling classic Publix subs for $5.99 from June 13-19. Subs typically cost around $8.99. So load up on your favorite deli meats and cheeses, y’all.


The lines for these will probably be long. Publix does offer online ordering to help ease the tension of waiting for your foot-long bit of deli decadence.

Of course, this news goes hand-in-hand with the recent announcement that Publix will open a new store in the Channel District this August. An official opening date is still TBA. The grocery store will spance 37,000 square feet at Meridian Avenue, between Madison and Twiggs street.

Who’s hungry for some Pub subs?

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