Icesmile Serving Rolled Ice Cream in Tampa

On November 18, Icesmile (1512 East Fowler Avenue) officially opened its doors to the public. This sweet spot isn’t your typical ice cream shop. Icesmile uses an East-Asian style of creating ice cream. A steel pan is chilled to -35 degrees. Dairy/Soy milk is then poured onto the pan along with a variety of flavors and rolled. The process takes roughly two minutes.

This food trend has swept the nation over the past two years and it was only a matter of time before it founds it’s way to Tampa — where ice cream is necessary on an almost daily basis. Icesmile visitors will be able to enjoy special toppings like pineapple, cinnamon, peach, mochi, mango, matcha and chocolate pocky. Popular combos include: Bangkok Summer, Thai tea and lychee; Strawberry Beauty, which combines strawberry with graham crackers; Pretty Betty, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry; and Tropical Storm, pineapple and peach.


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