How do you feel about e-scooters? Nearly 600,000 trips taken during pilot program

Photo of 3 electric scooters

Love them or hate them, it seems a majority of the Tampa community is making use of e-scooters. That isn’t to say it isn’t without its pitfalls. Many complaints about haphazardly placed scooters throughout Tampa are total eyesores. Safety concerns have also been raised.

The City of Tampa wants your feedback. Officials recently released ridership numbers between May 24 and October 30:


Miles traveled: 681,331
Trips taken: 593,599
Minutes traveled: 9,059,938

Hubs across the city of Tampa, from The Heights to Hyde Park Village, the Channel District and beyond have made cruising on balmy days much easier.

Micromobility is a key component in the city’s future transportation plans.

Do you think scooters are safe? Do you feel they are a solid alternative to cars? Have scooters made it easier to adopt a park once mentality when visiting downtown Tampa? Should more protected lanes be added in Tampa?

However you feel, all residents are encouraged to send feedback to the city. Click HERE to complete the survey.


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