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Get Along delivers massive, delicious doughnuts to Tampa

Get Along is a brand new doughnut concept serving the City of Tampa, it opened toward the end of 2020, and many of its flavors can be found at Pickford’s Counter located at 2606 W Hillsborough Avenue.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been following Get Along Doughnuts on Instagram for the past two weeks, eager to catch them at one of their Tampa pop-ups. Well, good news doughnut fanatics—my chase finally paid off, and I’ve got all the custard-filled, sugar-coated details on where you can find them next. But first, here’s a little back story on this new pastry craze. 


A few months ago, coffee mastermind, Joel Davis, challenged esteemed baker, Asher Lakes, to create “the best doughnut recipe ever.” After moving his successful espresso concept, Union Coffee, into Pickford’s Counter, Joel was on the hunt for something his customers could dip into their creamy, hand-crafted lattes. 

“Asher really took his time responding,” Joel recalled of his now business partner’s process, “But eventually he brought me a batch.”

“And?” I prompted, watching him prepare me a high-piled plate.


“They were the best doughnuts ever,” he responded.

Well. I guess that was easy.

Delivering new seasonal flavors in Tampa

Joel handed me the 7 doughnut dish (because one of everything is always  the way to go), and I dug in. He went on to explain that the batter itself had barely been adjusted since Asher’s initial batch. What has changed, however, are the flavors.

“Currently, we have our first seasonal flavor,” he nodded towards a pink frosted ring, “The strawberry shortcake.”

I took a bite into the whipped cream-covered masterpiece. A pleasant surprise, my teeth sunk deep into a cool center of fresh-sliced strawberries.

“And how’s it faring?” I asked.

“At the moment, it’s our best-seller,” he responded.

I held mine tightly, savoring the decadent frosting, as a young man bought the last one off the shelf. Thank goodness—I thought—that I came in early.

A cream-filled, chocolate covered menu

Apart from the killer strawberry frosted, however, Get Along’s daily menu boasts 6 other flavors. According to Joel, these are the company’s core offerings, thus diners can expect to see them around for a while. 

The horchata filled, he shared, is the most popular amongst customers, while he takes particular pride in the brown sugar and cinnamon topped “Get Along Glaze.” After plowing through the entire menu, however, my personal favorite was definitely the chocolate cream filled. Rounding out the rest of the options are the original glazed, chocolate sea salt, and chocolate frosted with peanuts.

“We just want to deliver the highest quality doughnut to Tampa Bay,” Joel shared, “And everything that Asher makes is the best. So I knew we could do it.”

Satisfied, I watched as he cleared the pastry crumbles from my plate. One arm against the bar counter—and halfway into a food coma—I fully acknowledged that they had succeeded in their mission.

Joining the doughnut chase

Alright, so now that you’re probably salivating over the prospect of gently fried rings of dough, it’s time to follow through on my promise. 

Here’s where to find Get Along:

  • Currently, they’re doing sporadic free donut giveaways (and yes, you can have two) with any food or beverage purchase at Pickford’s Counter. The good news in this scenario is the obvious: free doughnuts. The challenge, however, is getting them before they’re gone. To guarantee your treat, I’d recommend visiting before 12:30pm. 
  • On February 13th, Get Along will host a “pop-up” shop, also at Pickford’s Counter, in which diners can buy the doughnuts in any quantity they choose. Beginning February 17th, Get Along will join Pickford’s on the formal schedule of 8am through sell out, Wednesday through Saturday.
  • At some point in the near future, an official Get Along storefront will open at 5010 N Nebraska Ave. In addition to Joel and Asher’s classic doughnuts, the flagship location will serve innovative coffee drinks, such as the “Oatmeal Cream Chai,” “Pina Co-latte,” and a wide variety of nitros on tap. 

Staying up to date

To get your hands on a warm box of Get Along Doughnuts, make sure to follow the company on their Instagram, @getalongtpa, where they will announce the dates and hours of their Pickford’s giveaways, pop-ups, and brick-and-mortar updates. 

Good luck on your doughnut chase, my pastry-hunting friends! 

May the dessert gods be ever in your favor. 

To track Get Along’s official pop-up schedule, prospective diners can visit

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