Brilliant Earth, a popular west coast jewelry shop, opening new showroom in Midtown Tampa

Brilliant Earth is all about taking an ethical approach to jewelry. The digital first retailer has seen its stock rise steadily since going public, and continues to be a popular (and affordable) choice for Gen Z and Millenial shoppers. “When we couldn’t find a standard that met ours, we created a new one,” is the ethos of the organization. They’re expanding with new showrooms across the country, and will soon open a shop in booming Midtown Tampa. An opening date is still TBA.

“We started by creating a rigorous protocol for diamond sourcing that goes beyond current industry practices: Beyond Conflict FreeTM Diamonds which are selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins,” notes the brand on its website. “We were one of the first jewelers to offer blockchain-enabled diamonds at scale, to provide traceability of a diamond’s origin and ownership. Choosing a Brilliant Earth diamond offers unparalleled transparency of your diamond’s provenance.”


You can make an appointment, and work with the Brilliant Earth team to craft your own signature ring

Brilliant Earth strives to use 100% recycled precious metals to minimize their footprint and help diminish the negative impacts of metal mining. Precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without degrading their integrity, which means they don’t compromise quality or beauty to make sustainable jewelry.

A rendering of the future showroom in Midtown Tampa

The showroom will be located at 3714 Midtown Dr suite f 215. Brilliant Earth’s shop will sell customizable rings, earrings, tennis bracelets and necklaces, and guests will be able to make shopping appointments if they have a specific item in mind. They now operate more than 30 brick-and-mortar across the country, with many more planned in the south.


You can see all of Brilliant Earth’s products on their website.

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