Bouzy, a champagne bubbly bar, coming soon to Hyde Park Village

Time for a little bit of the bubbly in Hyde Park Village courtesy of Bouzy, a buzzed about champagne bar from the owners of Cru Cellars. The minds behind the best wine bar in the city are sure to delight those looking to get a little fizzy in one of Tampa’s dreamiest shopping and dining centers.

Where does the name Bouzy come from? The owners explain:


“In France, in a sub region which produces the world’s best bubbly, you can find our name sake: the vineyard village of Bouzy. This town, with less than a thousand residents, lives in perpetual celebration of champagne. We like their style.”

With this in mind, the owners hope to bring a timeless experience to Hyde Park. They continue:

“Bouzy blends elevated elegance with poppy effervescence to embody the timeless spirit of our favorite drink. Our fizz-first menu features a thoughtfully curated selection of champagnes, pĆ©t-nats, craft cocktails, and small plates. Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, our sommelier-trained bartenders will help you find and pop the perfect bottle so that you can toast tonight, any night.”

An official opening date is still TBA. Follow Bouzy on Instagram, and its website for updates.

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