Blind Tiger Opening in NoHo, Acai Arrives Downtown

Blind Tiger Coming to NoHo, Moves in Seminole Heights

The popular Blind Tiger Cafe has expanded from Ybor City to Seminole Heights, and the cafe’s owners are already working on a future location in St. Pete. The popular spot for teas, coffee and textiles has also found a home in NoHo, or North Rome Avenue.  They’ll open by the Vintage Lofts at West End in early fall. This new spot accompanies their recent move in Seminole Heights to 4304 North Florida Avenue.



The catching name ‘Blind Tiger’ was another term for a speakeasy during the prominence of the prohibition era in the US. Their carefully crafted menu provides customers with four different brewing methods: Vac-Pot, French Press, Chemex and Pour Over.

Their banana bread and guava and cheese turnover are some of the finest morning pastries we’ve ever experienced. For those looking for a drink with a serious kick, Blind Tiger offers Cafe Cortadito (Cuba), Cafe Con Lechce (Spain) and Eskaffee (Germany). For updates on an official opening you can follow them on Instagram.


Rico’s Acai Brings Fresh Flavor Downtown

A small food truck at the corner of North Florida Avenue and East Kennedy Boulevard is serving some vibrant, healthy bites to downtown visitors. Rico’s Acai began in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their mix of fresh fruit and savory toppings seem to be a perfect fit in the Tampa food scene.


The spot is open daily from 9am to 5pm. We experienced the rainbow bowl — acai, kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, pineapple, granola, parfait, banana — topped with Nutella. It was revelatory. Rico’s also offers mango, pomegranate, coconut flakes, honey, agave, chia seed, hemp seed and almond butter.

You can quench your fall thirst with their hot apple cider or hot chocolate. Regular bowls range from $7 to $12.50. Extra toppings range from $.75 to $3.

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