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Adventure Island undergoing a major makeover in Tampa

Tampa’s Adventure Island Water Park sits on more than 30 acres. This sprawling, 42 year old theme park will open for the season in March, and when it does residents will be introduced to two brand new rides, and a few other fun attractions.

Rapids Racer and Wahoo Remix are here to delight thrill seekers in the city.


New water rides arrive in Tampa

Dubbed “Wahoo Remix,” the new ride will bring a first-of-its-kind visual and musical experience to Adventure Island, as the announcement detailed:

“Riders will enjoy waves of water and sound as they splash to the beat of a remixed favorite attraction,” the announcement explained. “Wahoo Remix will be Adventure Island’s first waterslide to feature synchronized light and sound elements, delivering an all-new, high energy, family raft ride experience with ultimate party vibes. Enclosed tunnels that were once dark will now glow and groove as riders zoom through over 600 feet of fun.”

Alongside Wahoo Remix, another 600-foot ride will make its debut as “Rapids Racer” pits riders against each other in a splashy sprint to the finish. Two-person rafts will duel alongside parallel courses with low walls, offering an eye-to-eye view of the competition. The ride will also feature the world’s first dueling saucer experience amidst the high-speed chase.


Wahoo Remix is unlike any thrill you’ve experienced before

“The thrill of the chase is amplified as guests swirl through the world’s first dueling saucers in this exhilarating journey full of high-speed tunnels, turns, and more,” Adventure Island said.

The debut of these new slides will complete a massive upgrade to that area of Adventure Island, following the opening of the Hang Ten Tiki Bar in 2021. Hang Ten has quickly become a favorite for the 21-and-over crowd thanks to its rum-soaked menu and craft beer offerings.

Conveniently located between the two new rides, just inside the main entrance to the park, Hang Ten features craft cocktails, frozen treats, local craft beer and an impressive selection of more than 20 international and regional rums. The tiki bar also offers surprisingly filling snacks with fresh-baked pretzels, fish spread and savory, piping hot empanadas.

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