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Accelerating: Vinik’s Multi-Billion Dollar Vision Adds Dreamit

Vinik’s vision paints a promising picture of Tampa’s future. His latest project includes an advantageous partnership with the accelerator Dreamit — an organization offering startups an opportunity to interface with one of the largest real estate development projects in North America.

$3 billion redevelopment plan focuses on Urban Tech

The Channelside redevelopment project will include 5,000 new residences, 650 new hotel rooms and 2.6 million sq. ft. of office space within a 53 acre area. This initiative is being led by Strategic Property Partners.


Dreamit is currently seeking applications from startups interested in being a part of Tampa’s renaissance. Qualified applicants have deployed a product, demonstrated early traction and are solving big and urgent problems in the following areas:

  • Real Estate 
  • Construction Technology 
  • Smart Cities 

Dreamit seeks innovative applicants 

Prospective companies will be able to manage and innovate collaboration/design software, drone technology and augmented/autonomous tools. From the Dreamit website:

Companies that provide connected hardware and/or solutions for collecting, transmitting and analyzing city-scale data on the way in which people interact with the city environment.


The organizations hands-on approach includes weekly meetings with mentors, partners and industry experts to help fine-tune all aspects of any growing business. Best of all, Dreamit curates one-on-one meetings with leading VC firms, corporate venture and angel networks.

The startups will convene in the Tampa Bay area for just under a month before traveling to meet with potential clients/customers.

One of the top 10 accelerators in the US

Forbes listed Dreamit as one of the Top 10 Accelerator’s in the US. Application deadline is June 23. The program kicks off on September 11, customer immersions will be held October 30 through November 10 and Investor Roadshow takes place December 4 through 15.

The announcement has spread far beyond just Tampa’s borders. Forbes has taken a keen interest in the massive redevelopment of Channeslide. Staff writer Alex Konrad notes that Vinik has hopes of “expanding its verticals to encompass up to 50 companies.


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