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A Nightmare on Franklin Street movie lineup announced for Tampa Theatre

The Tampa Theatre is our favorite local haunt and it’s the perfect setting to take in horror movie classics in all of their big screen gory glory.

That’s right, A Nightmare on Franklin Street is back — and so are all of your horror movie baddies.


For 13 night, beginning on October 19, the majestic movie palace will begin screening Halloween classics. The titles range from family-friendly to pure nightmare fuel, so there’s a little something for everyone.

So grab a cushy seat, start housing fistfuls of the best movie theatre popcorn ever and lose yourself in the jump scares, fourth wall-breaking banter and indelible villains that drag us kicking and screaming in front of the screen year after year.

Oh, did we mention this series also includes a ghost tour of the theatre itself?


You can grab tickets to any of these events by visit Tampa Theatre’s website.

Horror Movie Highlights:

October 19

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Do the time warp and enjoy the irreverent madness of this cult classic. The screening begins at 9:30pm.

October 20

A Nightmare on Elm Street
1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you — and you’re coming for him, too. One of the most iconic horror movie villains screams back to life in the slasher classic. The screening begins at 10pm.

October 21

Bride of Frankenstein
The Bride of Frankenstein improves on the original Frankenstein film in every way. It’s thought provoking and violent and everything a Halloween movie should be. The screening begins at 4:30pm.

October 22

It’s the quintessential Alfred Hitchcock film. The score, the screams, the shower scene — it will remain a must watch for cinephiles and horror lovers alike. The screening begins at 6pm.

October 23

This is a new addition to the horror canon. Hereditary is best enjoying knowing as little about it as possible. It’s disturbing, emotionally tormenting, visceral and violent. You will not forget this movie. The screening begins at 8:30pm.

October 28

Hocus Pocus
Take a break from the horror and dive into the hilarious Hocus Pocus. This Disney classic is quirky, a pinch spooky and easily enjoyable for kids and adults. The screening begins at 2pm.

October 30

It’s the reason you’re afraid of clowns, or at least why someone you know is. The latest interpretation of Stephen King’s opus is violent, nightmarish, funny and self aware all at once. It’s bound to become appointment viewing year after year. The screening begins at 6pm.


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