TPA Pushes for Direct Flights to San Francisco

Tampa International Airport has launched an outreach program (#TPA2SF) to learn why Tampa residents would appreciate a direct flight to the burgeoning city of San Francisco. What are residents saying? Maria Lucas says, "I travel every week to multiple US destinations and would love to see an option to get to the SF nonstop. "From Bay to Bay". Not only for business pursposes, but on a personal level we will like to get closer to Napa Valley, too. Also, a nonstop flight will be a step closer to bringing innovation closer to our growing city of Tampa and St. Pete." 

The airline providing the service would most likely be United or Alaska Airlines since both have major hubs at SFO. Both cities have become huge in the tech industry. A direct connection between the two — both for business and tourism — would be mutually beneficial for both cities. It seems that it is an overdue addition to our airport, which consistently earns high marks for customer experience and service.


Another resident, Isabelle Dominicis Dewey, noted how meaningful this convenience would be: "As a business traveler, going to San Francisco is an all day affair. A nonstop flight would mean productivity and efficiency…seeing my coworkers sooner and getting home to my family earlier."

Leila Tooley said, "The company I work for, Wells Fargo, is headquartered in San Francisco and a quick business trip there takes me 8.5 hours each way. Would love a direct option!" 

Do you want to see direct routes from Tampa to San Francisco? Click here and join the conversation. It'd be a fine chance to see the Golden Gate Bridge, take in the views from the Coit Tower, take advantage of San Francisco's cable car system, indulge our nostalgia at the Musee Mecanique, lounge in Golden Gtate Park and travel to Land's End.


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