The Topps Truck is wrapped in 11,000 baseball cards, and it’s making stops at MLB Stadiums

The Topps Truck Tour is officially underway in celebration of National Baseball Card Day. I’m over here still appreciating my old Mo “The Hit Dog” Vaughn card from the mid-90s. The truck itself is wrapped in 11,000 baseball cards, and it plans to make stops at baseball stadiums across the country in the lead up to National Baseball Card Day, of course.

The tour started on July 9 in Denver, CO. The truck has since traveled to a few cities, with many more stops planned at MLB stadiums, hobby shops and local events across the country. The tour finally ends at the Field of Dreams game in Deyersville, IA on August 12. We hope to see the truck pull up in Tampa, or in neighboring St. Pete at Tropicana Field where our own Tampa Bay Rays play.

The Topps Truck, wrapped entirely in over 11,000 baseball cards, will travel more than 7,000 miles, bringing baseball fans the ultimate fandom experience. Throughout the month-long journey, the onsite teams in each location will host trivia contests and cornhole games, along with free baseball cards and Topps swag giveaways. Fans are also invited to take a photo in a life-size Topps card frame to become their own card, as well as trade at the mobile Topps Card Wall, a staple activity at Topps events.


Topps Truck Tour lights up the baseball card collector community

“Every year, National Baseball Card Day is a reminder of Topps’ rich heritage and the infectious card collecting hobby that has remained a staple for sports fans and collectors of all ages,” said Emily Kless, Topps Communications Manager. “In 2019, we celebrated National Baseball Card Day with a pop-up Topps Truck in NYC, and this year, as we continue to celebrate Topps’ 70th Anniversary of baseball cards, we wanted to bring our Topps Truck to fans across the states, and celebrate our favorite players, iconic game moments, and more, at MLB stadiums and hobby shops nationwide.”

In addition, Topps is teaming up with FOX to raise awareness of NBCD, and the highly anticipated Field of Dreams game, which will take place in Deyersville, IA on Thursday August 12.

To commemorate the occasion, Topps is also giving away packs of cards in hobby shops across the country in honor of NBCD on Saturday August 7. Consumers can follow the Topps Truck’s journey on social media @Topps, and celebrate using the hashtag #ToppsNBCD.


The tour hasn’t made any official Tampa Bay Area announcement yet.

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