The most popular restaurants in Tampa of 2019, according to Yelp

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Can you believe we’re wrapping up a decade? 2019 saw great change in the city of Tampa, but one constant is the excellence of our food scene. Sure, I have my opinions about the best spots in Tampa, looking at you Acapulco Taqueria, Loli’s, Stone Soup, Pinky’s, Taqueria and Hemingway’s, but I enjoy learning about new spots I need to give a first or second look.

Yelp has aggregated the 15 most popular restaurants in the greater Tampa area. This involves analyzing the amount of reviews on each restaurant, the star rating for each review, and search frequency. Have you been to any of these restaurants? Let us know in the comments after reading!


PS if you’re ever in need of food recommendations, look no further than Yelp Tampa Bay.

1. Yolk White and Associates

No surprise here. Yolk White & Associates has long been heralded as one of the premiere breakfast joints in Tampa. The small food cart pops up along the Riverwalk and serves up some sensational omelets.

The concept pops up three days a week, Wednesday-Friday, from 7-11am. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? If you try one thing here, make it the grits. They’ll change your breakfast life.

Yolk White & Associates sets up shop at 100 N Ashley Drive.



Sophia R.: I’ve been coming to Yolk White & Associate’s every week for about a year now, and wow I have never been disappointed. The grits, first off, changed my thoughts on grits forever. I used to hate grits and boy was I missing out. I go between the English sandwich and the Dylan frittata and both are the highlight of my week. 

Karl M.: If you don’t get anything but dem damn grits you’re gonna be happy. Grits?  WTH are grits?  Trust me just get them. Seriously, most ppl can hook up breakfast food but there was something special about this place. I’m a fan of cart food when it’s good and this was gooder than good. I ate twice…without leaving. Yep, I went right back and ordered a “Whatever you feel like making”. He made an omelette with bacon…  Did you say bacon?  Yes I did and I stopped there intentionally because after BACON, what else need said?[0]=68.ARDGQ9jc9J7f7uXOXCildvt2_kOn0CFwzOXxQoTwK3bDYlZvsctdolEp8IZVcForzp8j1hr0LSWiB35ekmD77jR78KUMmMPHyeeJmTFSbvN8XHkAKP9QdCcGfAipuSIPIFPve8l6BYYpGGO7vXh3RybuoXPfXyFPPuHNctwwTSbc7pKqHTkzctx5tfypS5TGpeaYMqswTMtrtLyu0uhx3Yw3PeJknMWuhA-7dv-lnpvgMjNo2VyMC42q89zEAOGnqUzEPEfla8oy8eYzIZ1REpysn7-HZ5A0HShU8dcYtbAuGSooqBf43RJ63La2YRqaHK4S8_lPo0gh4qlsSoet_RST2Q&__tn__=-R

2. The Mediterranean Chickpea

Falafel wraps, rice and lentils, and spinach pie, The Mediterranean Chickpea seems to do every thing right. Other items of note include Mousaka and the white bean salad.

The South Tampa hotspot is also incredibly affordable, with most options ranging from $5-$9. Many reviewers praise the homemade hummus options, too. Mouna’s Delicacies – The Mediterranean Chickpea was long a staple at morning markets throughout Tampa, so it’s a delight to see its brick and mortar location receive equal praise and fanfare.

The Mediterranean Chickpea, 3217 South MacDill Avenue.



D L.: AMAZING! Fresh, homemade like you’ve NEVER had before. 
I used to enjoy this couples cuisine at the Seminole Heights Market during the Tampa winter months. I’m so happy to have found them here in South Tampa! An incredible variety of fresh hummus, falafel, wraps and salads. Even vegan baklava!

Kene B.: I am by no means a vegetarian but this place would definitely be an inspiration for me becoming one. The food is fresh, delicious and flavorful! Their selection of homemade baba ghanoush and humus is to die for! I was able to sample each one and have been known to come by just to get a container to take home. The falafel bowls and felafel sandwhich are usually by got to. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or just love food in general I definitely recommend checking this place out.[0]=68.ARANdQUp82WFEaPVgro8c1E1dsm_cVC04nZCd7fAXZK1Q8oOs0mHobKXYi1P7KJUEHua6VWWmFC1sp30dK4EdgOT_Pu-68gmcdUOvX_V93bzuVHhk2gOcaL5sjMfwo1AX78pV3baTLFrKunV1v0G_3J1yV7B2Vy6IYj3LGwQjNCR-xvyHmUsU0O08TnCAnwl7QskXHxltcQMqxSCfVvQ9syK8v7ahLi828NyrfVOMvuUTNHZxVV_FiQX2Ffe5gYDXWpm92KVkD3gyJIMYNJb2Y5AlaGXtnxBCVgm4n1uyHIOafiw7Igg0a3E8w6Hl20-PzaWt1d1UPwkrMfb2-X7hBQ9uQ&__tn__=-R

3. South Pacific Grill

Banana Spring Rolls. Need I say more? South Pacific Grill has garnered a perfect 5-stars from nearly 160 reviews. Diners have clamored for the sweet coconut rice, short ribs, and Kalua pork.

After browsing the menu, all I can really think about is the teriyaki burger. The menu is short and sweet, meaning this restaurant focuses on the items they love and aims to make them right every time.

South Pacific Grill, 112 Pauls Drive, Brandon.



Barry J.: This food truck is located in the parking lot of an oriental market. We’ve busted the market many times and this time we decided to try the food truck. The food was delicious! The prices are great, the portions substantial and the service was excellent. I had the short rib and kimchi rice entree. It was sooooooo good! We will be back!

Tony G: It’s very possible that this is the best food truck in Tampa. However, South Pacific grill ranks high even amongst brick and mortar restaurants. I haven’t had a bad meal here. The staff are friendly, the food is on point, the Polynesian flavors are amazing! I love the mixed plate with coconut rice and slaw, the burger, the wings, the huli huli chicken, the Hawaiian sun juice, the fries, wings. All incredible.

4. Sulphur Springs Sandwich Shop

I am always on the hunt for slamming sammies, and this spot looks like it delivers that and then some. One photo of the thick Florida Avenue Reuben already has my lunch look unsubstantial.

The house roast pork is a marquee attraction. Sulphur Springs Sandwich Shop is locally owned, and the team of Keith and Vanessa Malson make every customer feel at home. That’s probably why it’s topping out the most popular list.

Sulphur Springs Sandwich Shop, 9000A N Florida Avenue.



Matt V.: I got the Florida Avenue Reuben and some pasta salad. Omg. The sandwich and salad was out of this world. Serious food porn here folks . The place was also packed which should tell you something too. Parking lot full. Restaurant full. It’s like the not so secret spot to go. Definitely going back.

Helene L.: as a girl from jersey I’ve yet to have a sandwich outside the state that I can actually enjoy… that was until I ate here. this hole in the wall joint is nothing short of excellent, and I wish it was closer so I can enjoy it everyday. I tried the ‘dip in the springs’ the ‘house roast pork’ and the ‘ahi tuna quinoa salad’ the pork was phenomenal and the dip was truly unreal. If you’re a big fan of ahi tuna they really do it right here! You have got to come check this place out! There’s so much more on the menu worth trying 😉

5.Vegan International Co. Kitchen and Market 

Tampa’s 100% vegan kitchen is earning high praise for the community. Plantain and cheese empanadas are on the menu, and I don’t know what else you need to know.

Vegan gyros, organic cabbage, vegan “meatball” marinara and more populate a scintillating list of culinary options.

Vegan International Co., 13751 North Nebraska Avenue.



Wynne C: A great place for vegans who are pure plant based eaters or ok with processed  versions of gyros or cheesesteak sandwich. As this is my first visit I was impressed with all choices that provide international flavors via their dishes, The chopped cheese with jerk bbq sauce was tasty. Had a pizza empanada as a starter. Tasted the 4 sides consisting of plantains, collard greens, curry chick peas, and candied yams. Also tried their Mac and cheese, For a drink – went with fresh squeezed carrot ginger pineapple. You can’t go wrong.

Conchata H.: The food…mannnn! I got the gyro sandwich and their veggie spring rolls were amazing. The sauce that was with the spring roll was delicious and creamy. The spring rolls were crispy, just the way I like it.

For the gyro sandwich, I can say it was delicious. The vegan meat was the rough texture for gyro meat. The taztiki sauce was not too tangy or thick but just right for my taste. The pita bread was very soft. And it was large! So be prepared for the size.

Here’s a look at the rest of the restaurants that made the cut:

6. Pure Kitchen Organic Vegan
7. Chicago Paulies
8. Yah Mon
9. Healthy n Fresh Cafe
10.Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse – Tampa
11. Fresh Bites 
12.Hole in One Donut 
13. Lolis Mexican Cravings 
14. Box of Cubans
15. Mirro’s Pizzeria

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