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Shaq’s Big Chicken announces first Florida location, more set to open soon

Shaq is an NBA Hall-of-Famer, celebrated commentator on TNT, a touring DJ, and just one of the best pop culture icons of all time. The super athlete is also a savvy businessman, and he’s bringing his Big Chicken empire to the Sunshine State in the coming years. Fox 35 reported that Shaq signed a deal with Panhandle Restaurant Group to bring the concept to North Florida. Shaq has signed a deal with DMD Ventures which will bring Big Chicken to Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami in addition to the Tampa Bay region. According to the restaurant’s website, their very first location will be in Orlando at 250 E. Michigan Street this summer.

Opening timelines of future locations, including Tampa, will be announced at a later date. Founded in 2018, Big Chicken is backed by a dream team of partners; JRS Hospitality, an accomplished Las Vegas-based ownership group; Authentic Brands Group, a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar brand development, marketing and entertainment company; and Hall of Fame basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.


Shaq’s Big Chicken opening myriad locations in Florida

Big Chicken fuses O’Neal’s home-cooked childhood favorites with today’s trending flavors. From crispy chicken sandwiches and tenders to Cheez-It® crusted mac n’ cheese and hand-crafted ice cream shakes, each menu item tells a story all while offering guests an inside look into the life and personality of Shaquille O’Neal.

The chain is also known for its frosty root beer sourced from Big Dog’s Brewing Company, and use 100% California Dairy for their frozen treats. Big Chicken also uses The Naked Truth premium chicken. The protein is preservative free and humanely raised with no cages, no hormones, and no antibiotics. Shaq’s love of BBQ influences Big Chicken’s array of sauces.

Celebrated entrees and fried chicken sandwiches at Big Chicken:


  • Big & Sloppy: Mac & cheese, crispy fried onions, roasted garlic bbq aioli
  • Uncle Jerome: Nashville hot chicken, lettuce, mayo, pickles
  • Shaq Attack: Pepper jack cheese, jalapeño slaw, spicy chipotle bbq sauce
  • Fried Chicken Sliders: Crispy chicken served SHAQ’S WAY: white american cheese and ketchup
  • Chicago Sammie: Buffalo hot sauce, blue cheese, mayo, slaw
  • Grandma’s Banana Pudding: Banana pudding ice cream, vanilla wafer cookie

Follow Big Chicken on Facebook and Instagram for more menu teasers, and updates on official Florida locations and opening timelines.

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