Masarap Bowls, a Filipino cuisine hot spot, debuts at new location in Tampa

A person standing in front of a blue food truck with a yellow bowl painted on the side of the truck.

One of the top reviewed food trucks in Tampa is Masarap Bowls, and they just set up at a permanent location at 9743 W Hillsborough Avenue. They are a locally owned food operation offering some of the finest Filipino delicacies in the region. Their motto is “serving food from the heart.” Over the past several months they’ve garnered near perfect 5-star reviews and showcased their craft at some of the most packed food festivals in the area. The celebration of their work has a lot to do with customer service, and their unique menu.

“We got the Lechon Kawali, BBQ pork and halo-halo,” writes review Karen STJ. “They’re all “MASARAP” / delicious and good. One of the best Filipino restaurants we’ve tried.” The lechon kawali features deep fried pork belly pieces served with Mang Thomas Sauce and served with your choice of garlic fried rice. It’s one of Masarap’s signature dishes — and popped up in more food reviews than any other item.


Masarap brings the love of Filipino cuisine to Tampa Bay

“The food was on point — had the chicken skewers with double white garlic rice and it was phenomenal” writes Carlos Aponte. “I’ll definitely consider then for catering.” If you have room after your meal, then it’s highly recommended you indulge in turon. This classic dessert includes four pieces of fried Filipino pastries made of thinly sliced bananas rolled into egg rolls, drizzled with caramel, and topped with powdered sugar.

Masarap is posted at its permanent space from noon-6pm Wednesday through Saturday. You can see a full menu on the food truck’s website. One of the most delectable snacks they serve are the pork, veggie, beef, and chicken lumpias.

Savor Halo Halo and Turon

“My wife and I have been coming to this amazing food truck owned by the most amazing people I’ve ever met since they showed up at the Pinellas County Farmer’s Market in mid 2022,” writes Xai Singletary. “Literally the best customer service, and don’t get me started on the food. Everything from the pork on a stick to the Halo Halo to the lumpia is made fresh and to order every time.” In case you never tried Halo Halo before, then here’s how Masarap crafts the treat. They offer a mixture of coconut flakes, tapioca pearls, Jell-O, sweet potatoes, bananas, and hearts of palm with evaporated milk covered by crushed ice and topped with homemade Ube  Ice cream and Leche Flan. 

Follow Masarap Bowls on Instagram for updates on menu specials, and to see what local events they may pop up at next.

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