Koya, an 8-seat tasting experience, returns to Tampa

The minds behind Noble Rice, one of the most consistently celebrated restaurants in Tampa, have announced that the celebrated 8-seat tasting menu experience Koya will return on May 19. If you want to experience it for yourself, you’ll need to make a reservation. Reservations for the May dinner officially open on April 15.

Koya’s tasting menu focuses on superior ingredients. In the Japanese culture, the peak season of a particular ingredient is called its shun (旬) and the shun of many ingredients are passionately anticipated each year,” write the owners on the Koya website. “At Koya, you can expect to experience the concept of shun as our ever changing hyper seasonal and thematic menu will continue honoring tradition while showcasing new techniques.” 


Koya makes its triumphant return to in-person dining

The tasting bar at Koya is considered a stage where every element of design is meant to highlight the theatre of the tasting experience. In total, the dinner will last around 3 hours.

Koya is able to accommodate shellfish allergies, and restrictions on pork & beef. However, they cannot accommodate gluten/soy restriction/no rice. Omakase is a Japanese phrase meaning “I leave it up to you chef” Our tasting menu consists of fresh fish (sushi, sashimi) and artfully crafted small plates. Due to the hyper seasonality of fish our menu changes constantly. You may have an entirely different experience between visits.

Koya is located at 807 W Platt Street

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