Gabby Bakes opening fully vegan sweet shop in Seminole Heights

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Gabby Bakes is one of the best dessert purveyors in the Tampa Bay region. Her desserts also happen to be fully vegan. The owner recently announced that she will be opening a brick and mortar in the Seminole Heights neighborhood.

“I started this business about 4 years ago, entirely self-funded and self-taught, fueled by the love of sharing food with friends and their extraordinary reciprocal support that grew over time into being a community’s worth of faith and encouragement in this journey of mine,” writes the owner on a new GoFundMe Page for the brick and mortar. “And now I’m asking for help in growing this baby bakery into it’s own brick and mortar in Seminole Heights!”


Outside Gabby Bakes future home in Seminole Heights

Gabby Bakes raising crucial funds to open new bakery

Gabby Bakes has a fundraising goal of $20,000. The money will go towards helping cover equipment costs ($20k+ on it’s own), necessary building renovations (flooring, plumbing, electrical work), retail licensing, hiring and training additional help, and bridging the gap of increased overhead expenses. 

“Having my own space will allow me to make my bakes more accessible, to hire staff, to completely eliminate cross contamination concerns for my allergy-having girlies/bbs, and just create a more ergonomic and fulfilling production space for further growth.”

Gabby’s recent creations include passionfruit key lime pies, roasted strawberry “honey” custard pie, s’mores toasted meringue, and yuzu curd topped olive oil sponge cakes w/ chamomile “honey” buttercream. Follow the bakery on Instagram for more delicious teasers.


You can donate to Gabby Bakes online. Gabby ends her GoFundMe page like this:

“I’m so excited to be at this point and can’t wait to take you all along with me. Thanks everyone that’s bought a cake, cookie, said a kind word, given advice/motivation, offered me their space to popup at, absolutely everything. <3 I simply would not be here and in this position without it. ₊˚⊹♡”

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