Crave Cookies opens its very first Florida location

Crave Cookies has arrived in Florida! Gourmet cookies are on the rise. Just check out the phenomenal baked treats from Bake’n Babes, or the massive, 6-inch in diameter chocolate chip cookies from Cookie Munchers for reference. Crave Cookies, a Utah-based dessert purveyor is spreading its wings and has opened its first Florida location in Odessa at 13240 FL-54.

This concept is famous for its fluffy, gooey warm cookies. “Our cookies are gourmet AF, packed with flavor, and worth every single calorie,” writes owner Becky English. “Every Crave Cookie is hand rolled and made with real butter so you get that delicious, home-baked taste in every bite.”


In addition to cookies, Crave is famous for its loaded sodas. Some drinks include Diet Coke + Cranberry + Fresh Lime, Dr. Pepper + Coconut + Watermelon, and Dr. Pepper + Pineapple + Coconut + Vanilla Cream.

For the uninitiated, their chocolate chip cookies are a bit different than the small ones you grew up with. These mammoth cookies are stuffed to the max with Guittard Milk Chocolate Chips and and baked to perfection. Other flavors include a warm lemon bar cookie, a coconut cream cookie, a double chocolate brookie, and an old school fluffernutter cookie with peanut butter.


Want to see even more of these baked beauties? Make sure to follow Crave Cookies on Instagram and its website.

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