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Churro-centric concept, Churroholic, is opening in 2020 in Tampa

Photo of Churros places inside ice cream truck

Churros are amazing. The sweet handheld treats are pure comfort food and a concept dedicated to them is setting roots in Tampa. Having a new spot to fully indulge in the sugary sweet treat is all right by me. Churroholic, a concept dishing out the tastiest churros in the states, is set to debut in the city of Tampa.

Certain processes have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the owners are still optimistic about opening their doors to the public. In a recent Facebook post, they noted that the spot should open within the next 3-4 weeks (late October/early November).


Churroholic won’t be a standalone concept. Instead, the hub will join Hiccups Tea House.[0]=68.ARAqjoifDnPZP7eQTcDNy9WosEHK7QOE5sUmn7MAMDELqiKgnq_WXv91EXjOVcZ387cT_O9mx1676EPV7T1Etkk_8mTiI9DQiUD_kn1lQv4knZxZDpHBa265bgfJGsqNgjQS_NWpoHlPR54Vkb0LClC-SirqtBDYTkNhhPPJn5foPBMvbGsFUqA_DRLCYxXNkf3P9InisZZDLrVW3wDg76sTJVsnpoS58B8RJIaENFTjwVyPme68xPxRldz5Hb3MMn4_WZofbcp4D5KTO_A–e_Vmi2MzS7S3GAyWiExeapnZfEWZwZ-g3DZ-GCmIRUGbErWUR0sutzbsk6d3K3iFZeYSJxJOBzxGWw&__tn__=-R

Long Beach to Tampa Bay

Founded in Long Beach, California in 2013, Hiccups Tea House serves an eclectic Asian-fusion cuisine and a variety of specialty drinks. The concept is best known for dishes such as garlic noodles, pad thai, and pho.

Hiccups’ most popular drinks are the horchata milk tea, Vietnamese iced coffee, and chamoy mango slushie.


Fruity Pebble covered desserts

Churroholic is a Spanish-inspired dessert line created by parent company, Hiccups.

These desserts are designed for Instagram. When the concept officially debuts, you’d do well to try the matcha and pebbles churro, and pair with the chocolate and coconut flavor. It’s a perfectly sweet and vibrant spiral.[0]=68.ARCMb1DZDVB7rbNBcakUHw2Uu5zkU_VW5itTMrKJ65pyFgI1cg5hcPaFyD1r_qvoQq3N2rutmintE2AFa-hnPNyZuKnw8EHbgI4w-IlSVCnURIANto9LKwrUU_hioMGdr657T0N29yGE_OEVT5nyUQYKc-zEZcn7dzGnZW03myxunEyGVxt5c7yljCKMTBQluvaMuLTMnbSiHR3kh7Zukne_AgT5-ffeHOkuAeMySF9VJVhroALOJZ_-PaXw1SAoGYP6Zc5Qc7wL8fL4IJwLKlHJHDd7FixomTN5FZxe9z-bbpmwH6c4wTuKhNEPG-YkQ7u28JLsZ___ue8221hOChg&__tn__=-R

Vietnamese coffee floats

Fruity Pebble-covered churro ice cream sandwiches are also on the menu, and well worth salivating over.

Guests can also prepare for Vietnamese coffee floats, Thai milk tea, and churro breakfast bites.

An official opening date is still TBA. You can follow Hiccups & Churroholic on Facebook for updates.

Hiccups & Churroholic will be located at 13030 N. Dale Mabry Highway.


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