Tampa darling Chop Chop Shop to transform into Chanko Ichiban

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Chop Chop Shop is one of the most celebrated culinary hot spots in Seminole Heights. After years of serving the neighborhood on the rise Chop Chop Shop ownership is ready t try something new. They announced the restaurant would close back in April 2022, and later reopen under a new name with a more concentrated focus on a specific item. On May 23 they announced a brand new name: Chanko.

“Chanko” translated from Japanese means “parents to children” and typically describes foods made by sumo wrestlers (“chanko-nabe”) that they prep and eat together.


For the restaurant’s purposes, it’s meant to describe their restaurant culture. Here’s what the ownership wrote in a Facebook post: “Cook together, eat together.We’ll be specializing in Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, rice plates (mainly katsu), and Japanese curry.”

Chanko Ichiban opening in Seminole Heights

Additionally, Chanko will have limited offerings of bubble-tea with some original flavors. Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is different than the more commonly known Osaka-style, according to Chanko.

Instead of a batter filled with ingredients cooked as one thick savory pancake, Hiro-style is built in layers. Layered crepes, cabbage, leeks, soy bean sprouts, dry-style noodles (yakisoba), fried egg, topped with okonomi sauce, tempura crisps, furikake, aonoriko (seaweed flakes), and your choice of meat/protein and style. Their okonomiyaki is traditional with slight modifications to fit their model. Japanese curry is milder, a bit sweeter, and more gravy-like than Indian curries.

Follow the owners on Facebook for updates on an opening timeline.

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