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4 Concepts We’d Love to See in Tampa

Tampa is fast becoming a major hub for food, fun and business. Now that our national reputation is booming, we think there’s some room for a few major entertainment concepts that could complement existing spots like Top GolfiFly Indoor Skydiving, and the soon-to-open shuffleboard club in Tampa Heights.



*Photo via Bad Axe

Urban axe throwing sweeps the nation 

We’re ready to enjoy the thrill of the wilderness in our bustling downtown. The traditional Canadian backyard pastime has found a home in the U.S. thanks to Bad Axe Throwing.

The company was founded by CEO Mario Zelaya in 2014. Zelaya opened the first Bad Axe location in Burlington, Ontario that fall. Currently, Bad Axe has 16 locations across the US and Canada in cities like Toronto, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta and Winnipeg.


Learn the proper technique from the pros 

Bad Axe invites groups of 8-12 people to spend roughly 2.5 hours mastering the art of axe throwing. Large groups are encouraged to make reservations 1-3 weeks in advance on weekdays, and 4-6 weeks in advance on weekends.

Walk-ins are welcome, though there is no guarantee space will be available. Prices range from $35-$44.25 plus tax per person in the group. Before you begin throwing, an instructor will provide a brief orientation that will show all participants the proper way to throw an axe.


*Photo via Cloud9

Floating bar with wood-fired pizza 

Floating off of Davis Islands while enjoying a slice of wood-fired pizza sounds idyllic. In Fiji, visitors can enjoy a two level floating platform with an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizza on Cloud 9.

The space is open for private parties, corporate functions, receptions and more. This idea may be a long shot, but we’re sure there’s an entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay area ready to up the ante on our water activities.


Cookie dough confections 

New York’s Cookie Dō went viral after a series of videos from the likes of NowThis and Tasty showcased the spot’s edible cookie dough. The food world salivated in unison.

Tampa is replete with dessert options, but there’s always room for one more. There’s also room for collaboration. Edible cookie dough mixed with Mini Doughnut Factory’s sweet treats, or Revolution Ice Cream’s refreshing flavors would be fantastic.

UPDATE 8/13/17: Ask and you shall receive. Dough Nation, an edible cookie dough concept, will replace Inside the Box Cafe at 505 North Tampa Street. Dough Nation is the latest concept by Metropolitan Ministries. All proceeds from sales at Dough Nation will be used to help feed the hungry in Tampa Bay. It should be open by mid-September.


*Photo via Park & Rec

Hunger + Thirst’s Expansion to Tampa 

Hunger + Thirst Restaurant Group — Avenue, Proper, Kings Street Food, Park and Rec DTSP — in St. Pete has an all-star collection of concepts that weave together food and fun. Proper offers exceptional BBQ; Avenue makes a mean burger and both restaurants offer some fantastic cocktails.

What brings us back to St. Pete, however, is Park & Rec. This arcade/bar offers the space for adults to enjoy a proverbial field day. Get competitive with giant beer pong on their outdoor turf or play a few rounds Ghostbusters pinball. Brush up on your arcade skills with NBA Jam and skee-ball.

The restaurant group’s block parties are becoming legendary and we’d be happy to see a business in the area bring the same level of excitement to Tampa’s downtown.


Is there a business/restaurant you’d like to see expand to Tampa? Let us know in a comment.




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