Twin Peaks brunch arrives at Screen Door Microcinema in Ybor City

a group of people watch a film in a small cinema
Photo via Screen Door Microcinema

Screen Door, a microcinema in Ybor City, is hosting a new Black Lodge Brunch on Sunday, August 13 at 11am. Tickets to the event are $15 in advance and includes coffee, pie, and donuts. The microcinema is located at 1624 E 7th Avenue. The third event in the series is set for August 27.

That brunch you like is going to come back in style — and you don’t need to pull the curtains to the Black Lodge or visit Jackrabbit Palace to experience it. Enjoy damn fine coffee, cherry pie, and community during Screen Door’s Black Lodge Brunch. This is an experience created by, and operating for Twin Peaks enthusiasts.


a cinnamon donut next to a cherry hand pie
The brunch features donuts by Supernatural Food and Wine and pies by Jamison B Breadhouse

The cherry pie will be served in the form of hand pies baked fresh by Jamison B Breadhouse. The coffee is provided by King State and the donuts are by Supernatural Food & Fine (these are the best donuts in the world). These are three of the best bakeries and cafes in all of Florida, and we can’t think of a finer tribute to the fantastic show.

During the event attendees will dissect two episodes of the show, eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company. It’s basically a chance to become a Bookhouse Boy.

Screen Door has tons of cult classic films on the horizon as well. Here’s a quick glance at what’s hitting the microcinema:


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