Tampa Airport says this year will be its biggest Spring Break ever

Biggest spring break ever. Those words may excite some residents and terrify others. Officials from Tampa International Airport are reporting that TPA will see up to 20,000 more passengers pass through the airport than on a typical day.

Starting now, and through the next six weeks, TPA expects roughly 3.6 million travelers going through the airport. That’s an 8.8 percent increase from last spring break season.


The popular budget airline Southwest is planning around 127 departures every single Saturday through the spring break period.

That’s a lot of excited tourists itching to experience all that TPA has to offer.

What does it offer exactly? Access to TWO of the best beaches in America, St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach, TWO fantastic foot halls in Armature Works and The Hall on Franklin, as well as the waterfront excellence of Sparkman Wharf.

You also have the Tampa Riverwalk, the Lowry Park Zoo, Busch Gardens, Bayshore Boulevard and a lot more. The uptick in passengers passing through Tampa could prove to have a major positive impact on the Tampa Bay economy.

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