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Williamsburg Cucina is Tampa’s first “fine-dining” food truck

Williamsburg Cucina may be ranked the #1 food truck in Tampa (Tampa Magazine, South Tampa Magazine and Restaurant Clicks)—but it’s not a “food truck.” Well, at least not according to its owners.

“The only thing that makes us a food truck,” Williamsburg co-owner, Sophia Mosconi, told me on a recent visit to the concept, “Is that we’re mobile. But you won’t find any hamburgers or tacos here. We bring farm fresh quality to the table.”


I listened carefully as she described to-go containers full of imported charcuterie, sourdough breads and organic eggs. To the side of the service window, there was a photo of a glistening burrata whose liquid center appeared to be diffusing slowly over a bed of deep red tomatoes.

“So, you’re kind of like a fine dining food truck?” I asked. Sophia laughed. “Yeah, I like that. We’re high end. We’re an elevated, fine dining food truck.”

Tampa’s favorite “restaurant without a storefront”

To simply call Williamsburg Cucina an elevated food truck, though, would be a disservice to the concept. That juxtaposition is interesting, of course, but there’s a lot more to Tampa Magazine’s favorite “restaurant without a storefront.”


Years back, Sophia and her husband, Niky Mosconi, met under a bridge in a Brooklyn pizzeria. Enamored by each other, as well as the city, they quickly married and made Williamsburg their home. It was during this period that they discovered Brooklyn’s distinct cuisine. If you’re unfamiliar with New York’s culinary scene, Brooklyn essentially serves the best Italian food outside of Italy, but with a little extra emphasis on sandwiches, baked goods and tender deli meats. According to Sophia, its “pretty much a Mecca of amazing Italian restaurants.”

Eventually, however, the couple realized that—besides the food—they were beginning to tire of the New York lifestyle. They thought back to their childhoods, in which their parents owned restaurants. Filled with those fond memories, and longing to spend more time together, the couple quit their fast-paced, cosmopolitan jobs in favor of the culinary industry that raised them.

In 2017, the Mosconis moved to Tampa. A year later, Williamsburg Cucina was born.

Photo via Williamsburg Cucina

Brooklyn-style cuisine with authentic Italian influence

Today, Williamsburg Cucina has become a local smash-hit destination boasting over 15,000 followers on Instagram and numerous accolades. Formally, the team describes the concept as a “cucina, caffè and bottega” that serves “Williamsburg, NYC-style fare” with authentic Italian influence. Most of the time, you’ll catch them whipping up brunch and dinner from their sleek, silver truck, but they also do catering, private events, and weddings. Regardless of where you find them, though, you can guarantee that they’ll be cooking something delicious.

If you’re ready to visit the Williamsburg truck at its next stop, you can find their weekly schedule on Instagram.

Oh, and when you go, here are some things you definitely need to try:

  • Caprese Toast: This play on an Italian classic combines creamy burrata mozzarella, local tomatoes and a handful of herbs and greens over a thick-cut slice of scratch-made, olive oil-drizzled sourdough.
  • Il Soprano: “A meat lover’s dream,” the Il Soprano is a massive, open-faced sandwich loaded with New York-sourced pastrami, chorizo, salami, provolone and Peter Luger BBQ sauce.
  • Charcuterie: Nothing emphasizes the fact that Williamsburg Cucina is a “fine dining food truck” more than their offering of charcuterie. This plate, which is big enough for sharing, features a chef’s daily selection of imported cured meats and cheeses, honey, gourmet pickles and toasted local sourdough bread.
  • “Melted Dream”: This is not your childhood grilled cheese. With real, gooey mozzarella, Texas toast and sriracha aioli, the Melted Dream takes a nostalgic favorite to new heights.
  • “Morning Tampa”: Served exclusively on Sundays as part of Williamsburg’s “NYC Brunch” special menu, this sandwich presses mozzarella, strawberry jam and applewood smoked bacon between two slices of fresh bread. The kicker? It comes topped with a farm fresh, sunny-side-up egg.
  • Truffle Mac and Cheese: A fan favorite, Williamsburg’s decadent mac and cheese comes dripping with glorious truffle oil—and the option to add bacon, burrata or both. Pro tip: get both.

Tracking the (fancy) truck

Currently, Williamsburg Cucina has two weekly residencies at Two Shepherds Tap Room; Tuesday night trivia (6-9 p.m.) and Sunday morning New York City brunch (12-4 p.m.). In addition, on the first Sunday of each month, the truck can be found at Hyde Park from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To my fellow New Yorkers, prepare for a taste of home. It’s time to introduce our Florida friends to the wonders of the hoagie.

Williamsburg Cucina’s mobile truck schedule can be tracked via Instagram and Facebook.

To explore the concept’s full menu and service options, interested parties can visit the team’s official website here.

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