Willa’s Provisions Brings Italian-Style Coffee and Cocktails to North Hyde Park

Bright and sunny by day, cozy and intimate by night – Willa’s Provisions offers some of Tampa’s best sips (and snacks) from sunrise to well after sundown.

The next-door companion to popular French-American restaurant Willa’s, Willa’s Provisions builds on the trans-Atlantic inspiration and brings the spirit of traditional European cafes to North Hyde Park. Whether you’re looking to gain an edge or just take the edge off, coffee and cocktails are both served all day at this café open every morning and five nights per week.


The bright, airy space is a serious coffee shop starting at 8 a.m. every day, featuring a variety of coffee, espresso and tea. And as the sun sets every evening, candlelit tables turn the cozy space into an intimate spot for pre- and post-dinner cocktails, highlighted by an Italian-inspired list of amari, negronis, beer, and wine on tap.

While the drinks bring people in the door, the snacks and handhelds at Willa’s Provisions give the experience a tasty touch. Tacos, bagels and bacon-and-egg sandwiches made in-house are served as long as supplies last starting in the morning, while a variety of cheese, almonds, olives and pickles are offered all night to pair with a cocktail or two.

No matter what time of day it is, the house-made ice cream and the creamy romesco dip with house-baked pita chips top the can’t-miss list.

The romesco dip with house-made pita chips at Willa’s Provisions

Willa’s Provisions quickly becoming a haunt for locals

While Willa’s Provisions only recently opened, staff say the café has already received a warm welcome from the neighborhood, while also getting a great deal of positive feedback from the diners at Willa’s who have enjoyed adding an extra stop to the beginning or end of their meal.

In fact, that has turned out to be the theme for Willa’s Provisions in the p.m. hours. The drinks list is intentionally filled with low-alcohol libations, highlighted by traditional aperitifs and digestifs. As a result, the café specializes in pre- and post-meal conversation, offering a casual and welcoming spot to get the night started, as well as a cozy and intimate place to end dinner with an exclamation point (and with ice cream).


Featuring swaths of natural light shining onto walls of exposed brick, the Instagram-worthy restaurant is also available for rent as an event space.

As for the menu offerings, Willa’s Provisions is “slowly elevating,” as they gauge the tastes and needs of a growing clientele. Of note, staff has expressed a hope that guests will take advantage of their large selection of digestifs, encouraging people to expand their palates and try amari neat or over ice. While many are indeed bitter as advertised, some do fit into the sweeter and more approachable categories. The smooth amaro nonino is an excellent starting point for an adventure in Italian liqueur.

Negronis are a popular pre-dinner choice of cocktail.

Willa’s Provisions is located at 310 N Rome Ave in Tampa, and is open 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday. Hours and the full menu can be found here.

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