Volcano Island’s smoking lava cakes win at Tampa Bay Chocolate Festival

two pieces of cake topped with dark chocolate whipped cream and heart shaped chocolates.
Photo via Volcano Island Bakery

Parting is such sweet sorrow. The Tampa Bay Chocolate Festival has come and gone, and what we’re left with now is a grand champion on four wheels. Guests and judges sampled chocolate poutine, vibrant macarons, chocolate covered bacon, wild chocolate shakes, decadent chocolates, huge cupcakes and more during the February festival. In the end, one purveyor stood tall amongst all other participants. The honor of “Chocolate Fest Grand Champion” was bestowed on Volcano Island Bakery and its smoking lava cakes.

Their desserts, like so many of our favorite sweets, are almost too pretty to eat. This delightful food trailer specializes in flavorful cheesecakes, as well as artisan lava and delicately crafted volcano cakes. Flavors in the past have included Piñata Apple, which is a cinnamon swirl cake filled with real apple lava and ample cinnamon crunch. Volcano Island’s proverbial showstopper at Tampa Bay Chocolate Festival was the Smokey Spicy S’mores Cheesecakes. That hint of spice was added to fit with the sweet and spicy theme of the 2023 festival. Thanks for that inspiration, Saucy Queen.


Assorted cheesecakes covered in red strawberry and cheery jam are placed on parchment paper.
Mini New York Cheesecake | Photo via Volcano Island Bakery
Array of lava cakes assorted on a table. A big banner that reads lava cake is set behind the table.
Volcano Island Bakery sets up at a local market in Tampa Bay | Array of fresh made volcano cakes

Volcano Island Bakery is currently all mobile, and pops up at events across the Tampa Bay region. They offer more than 100 flavor combinations for diners at their food trailer. The owner also made chocolate covered bacon spirals, and ice cream cake pops (delicious balls of moist cake baked inside crunch ice cream cones).

Guests from Plant City to Ybor City have had the opportunity to take home their lovingly crafted desserts home. Keep up with where Volcano Island Bakery will pop up next by following them on Facebook.


The Tampa Bay Chocolate Festival is an event put together each year by Generation Entertainment. See what other events they have going on in the future by following the organization on Facebook.

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