Viral #TrashTag challenge is cleaning up cities across the globe

OK, this is a viral challenge we can get behind. The #TrashTag challenge is super simple, and does not harm anyone. All you have to do is take a garbage bag with you on your next walk and pick up the litter you see around you. It’s that easy.


Hikers, surfers, runners, cyclists and just engaged residents from across the world are sharing before and after pictures of the areas they’ve helped clean up. Every little bit counts, y’all.

Want to get competitive? Go for it. Collect the most trash and litter in your neighborhood, in your county, in your state, go all the way to be the greenest resident in the country. Honestly, we’re all winners here.

So far, more than 27,000 posts on Instagram have been tagged with #TrashTag. The challenge is meant to inspire people around the world to take care of the environment.

Tampa’s already taken strides to protect our beautiful waters with the Skip the Straw initiative. We’ve also compiled 5 ways you can reduce your single-use plastic consumption now.

Will you join the #TrashTag challenge?

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