Vintage Roost, a massive market in Ybor City, reopens, offers curbside pickup

Ybor City is one of our favorite spots to spend a weekend — and it’s only gotten better courtesy of a new recurring weekend-long shopping event. The Vintage Roost is a 5,000 square foot market featuring about 18 vendors offering items imbued with their own distinctive vintage flair. This DIY-inspired concept is sets up shop in the heart of the city.

We’re always here for more ways to shop local and support Tampa makers and entrepreneurs.


Located at 2326 East 7th Avenue, the Vintage Roost takes place the 2nd and 4th weekends of each month. It runs from 9am-8pm on Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturday and 9am-5pm on Sunday.[0]=68.ARD6YT0k_7A1QQTN6CcUi2F80mcjms-S4Qh2BHu_eWgXKrJElhB8klvhWE1JQb-7QGb_YpKkB_O4ue_jEfEN441HVfasJULfshWJRGD9xZXtTX9XycwGWEWHbtGoHqskMXTRVctxGMUfHJjhc0smBt-bGQ9-3QKJ2oeLHbfjM24KflY8LCOU9gHUcjRPfXE-evCfjj-qwSQVrlrAw_PZ4eMeVcF2DglfvfWCWEpsWcu57oUilvAmgdMZ9khJW4PbeSptPF0TOxhbTgkiYNkPo8_EGu22mAVgInGgRliIDw-BpsDAfvsGiSqh7H9BaFI0zhl1dJi961aS5xUhtaR7qT8HNJjtB5Sf0Y7PENWhHYkmsF7D2Cd4Da8rGbIXul7HrtRbCFRP65KDgplSid1xiyKNQuS_btXGOVJTeqZ9MO1E&__tn__=-R

Finding creative ways to reopen

Due to the pandemic, the market shut down. It made its triumphant return this past weekend, and will be operational again May 22-24.

This includes enforcing social distancing guidelines, and keeping all stations consistently clean and sanitized. You can also call to inquire about items you see posted on social media that you would like to purchase.

A message from local vendors

One vendor, Bea Robinson, has a motto, “[I] don’t sell anything that I wouldn’t love in my own home.” She’s been an avid Pyrex collector for 25 years, and is always on the hunt for funky, kitschy items. Want a sneak peak at what she’s bringing to the Vintage Roost? Follow Bea in Instagram at @beeebuz_vintage.

Nina Czaja is a teacher by day and a vintage junkie by night. Known as Teach Salvage, Nina has a fine collection of ruby red glassware, antique tools, vintage stamps and a lot more. Her eclectic collection is a can’t miss at the grand opening of the Vintage Roost. Follow Nina on Instagram at @teachersalvage.

Fiddle Stix is an ultra creative furniture repair, restyling and repainting. Whether you’re on the hunt for a nightstand, a new desk, a bookcase or a cabinet to complete a room. Fiddle Stix has the piece that will complete your dream design. Much like the other vendors, Fiddle Stix provides the promise of one-of-a-kind pieces. Follow Fiddle Stix on Instagram at @tbstix.

Rare toys and super vintage luggage for sale at the Roost

Items range from abstract works of art, one-of-a-kind home furnishings, travel luggage, vintage clothing and more will be available for purchase. There’s even a selection of vintage and rare toys for the collector in your life.

The TL;DR here is: This is the ultimate spot to shop local, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

The vendors at the Vintage Roost will rotate from month to month. You can keep up with all the new happenings by following them on Facebook and Instagramjoining their email list or by texting VINTAGEROOST to 22828.

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