USF grad launches his own healthy supplement company in Tampa

The city of Tampa is brimming with entrepreneurs. You see these creative restaurant owners, artists, and freelancers, but there’s a new kind quickly emerging; the ecommerce entrepreneur. This includes Tampa local Nick Flint, whose passion for fitness and health is driving his supplement company’s growth.

Pure Cut Supplements evolved from a previous business I started while I was going to USF,” said Flint in an email to That’s So Tampa. “It was a supplement subscription box company and we’d send customers samples from different brands so they could test out products before buying a full tub.” 


Healthy supplements to elevate your workout at Tampa-launched company

After moving on from that enterprise, Flint took over operations for a supplement company that he had previously worked with.

“While I was still in college, I saw it as a fun side project I’d spend 1-2 hours a day working on. It took about a year of running the company for me to see that there was some real potential here” said Pure Cut Supplements CEO Nick Flint. “I was getting ready to graduate and was still bartending at the time. I knew I had two options; either buckle down and work harder to grow the company or start looking for a different full-time job.”

By the end of 2019, Flint put in his two weeks notice at the bar and committed to running his own company full time. 

The supplements you’ll find at Pure Cut are made with a selection of meticulously sourced and selected ingredients designed to elevate your workouts and improve your overall fitness.

Flint set out to build a brand that focused on educating customers on what they’re getting with every product. Formulated with the purest ingredients available and dosages backed by science. No fillers, no “proprietary blends”, “no overpriced junk.”


Shop supplements to boost your workouts in Tampa

Featured products include their Pure Shred Fat Burning Preworkout, which helps fuel those intense fast-paced workouts that’ll help you hit your weight loss goals. It performs this by boosting your energy and focus, increasing your metabolism, and reducing your post-workout exhaustion. 

Looking for an intense high stim pre-workout?

Flint recommends Pure Hype. The supplement is a pre-workout formulated for the stimulant junkies. The potent combination of ingredients will have you breaking through plateaus, and crushing your old personal records. Each ingredient in Pure Hype was selected to give you the perfect workout. 

Learn More About Pure Cut Supplements

Each time you take this pre-workout you’ll experience:

• An increase in focus to help with your mind-muscle connection during every set.
• Improved blood flow to accelerate muscle growth and give you insane pumps.
• A boost in strength that’ll have you breaking personal records left and right.

There’s also a quickly expanding apparel line so you can look great while crushing your workouts. The material is a tri-blend, so it’s still comfortable even during the hottest & sweatiest workouts (including those brutal afternoon Bayshore runs).

You can also purchase their supplements in person at either Xtreme Body Nutrition location here in Tampa. Find out more about the company on their Instagram page, or see the behind actions as Nick documents his entrepreneurial journey on his own Tik Tok.


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