TPA debuts new electronic gates, speeding up the boarding process

New electronic gates let passengers through at Tampa International Airport

Is TPA great? Heck yes. Why? Let us count the ways…

Whether it’s the popular airside access program, hosting a local literary organization for a special writing event, promoting a 5k on the runway, or adding myriad works of public art to the terminals, TPA is as dynamic as they come. TPA is also futuristic.


Listen, sometimes it’s not so easy to make it to the airport early enough to enjoy a leisurely stroll to you gate. Officials are Tampa’s airport have introduced new technology to speed up the entire boarding process. Meet the Electronic Gate.

Airside A lands electronic gates

TPA is debuting the first set of electronic gates at the entrance to the Airside A shuttle lobby. The gates will allow ticketed passengers and cleared guests to gain access to the airside shuttle, replacing the current system that requires manual scanning.

The process is simple: Passengers simply scan their boarding pass and the gates swing open. If they are at the wrong gate, they will receive an error message.

E-gates allow TPA to go from two to four boarding pass scanning devices per airside, helping to speed up the process and making it faster for guests to get to their gate.

E-Gates to be deployed at all airside in near future

After a brief pilot period, the E-gates are expected to be deployed at the remaining three shuttle entrances later this year.


Need to get away? Delta now offers 5 new nonstop fights to Miami from TPA.

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