Titus O’Neil teams with Florida Aquarium to save wildlife in Australian bushfires

Photo of Titus O'Neil holding a koala

Featured Image via WWE Australia

Titus O’Neil is a Tampa Treasure. The larger than life WWE Superstar is always going out of his way to give back to the Tampa Bay community and specifically the younger generation. His campaigns of course go beyond Tampa’s borders, and most recently have gone beyond the country.


The Tampa native is partnering with The Florida Aquarium help save the wildlife being affected by the bushfires in Australia.

Donating proceeds from every ticket sold

On Saturday, Jan. 11, the net proceeds from every general ticket sold at the Florida Aquarium, as well as any donation given online, will be donated to Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital and rescue efforts. O’Neil, through the Bullard Family Foundation, will match all funds raised up to $25,000.

“Terri, Bindi and Robert are not only my close friends, but they are family,” O’Neil said in a release. “Their dedication to saving wildlife is unwavering and during this tragic time, they are using every resource available to do everything they can to save animals injured from the bushfires.”

Keep up with all that Titus does

You can keep up with all the great work Titus does in the community, and around the world by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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