Time Space Cafe Brings Shaved Ice, Coffee & Tea to USF Area

The sweet spots keep on popping in Tampa. Time Space Cafe, located at 5503 East Fowler Avenue, looks to satisfy the sweet tooth of all residents in the USF area. The shop offers tea, coffee and dessert; however, their menu items are anything but run of the mill.

Dinner before dessert or dessert before dinner? ? #timespacecafe #tampa #usf #dessert #shavedice #sweets #shoplocal


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Time Space Cafe infuses matcha — finely ground green tea powder — into their lattes. They also offer boba (bubble) tea — tea base mixed with fruit/syrup, to which tapioca balls/fruit jellies are added — and assortment of shaved ice options. Diners need to experience Patbingsu, which is one of the most popular summer desserts in Korea. The shaved ice base is topped with vibrant fruit, red beans, rice cake pieces and condensed milk.

Oreo shaved ice is calling your name at #TimeSpaceCafe #tampaflorida #usf #dessert #nhietampa #foodpics #oreo?

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Toppings include kiwi, strawberries, mango, Oreos and M&Ms. If you’re in the mood for a strong yet sweet cup of coffee, or something to cool off during the mild winter in Tampa, we recommend you pay them a visit soon. You can learn more about Time Space Cafe by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

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