Tiger Dust brings a pinball arcade to Seminole Heights

Tiger Dust is everything we could have ever wanted in a store. This wonderfully eclectic concept offers up books, pinball machines, magazines, a mesmerizing wall of taxidermy, VHS tapes, vintage furniture, creepy dolls, and more. It’s a dream come true, and the kind of shop you could totally lose yourself in. You can visit Tiger Dust at 4222 N Florida Avenue.

The aesthetic is strikingly similar to Ybor City’s Dysfunctional Grace, which makes sense because it’s the same ownership team. The extension into the Seminole Heights area allows the concept to grow and celebrate even more of the oddities the ownership team loves.


Photos via Tiger Dust on Instagram

Tiger Dust is Tampa’s new oddities mall

An array of rocks and crystals, hand crafted jewelry, transfixing skulls, and more curiosities are scarred across the shop for visitors to enjoy. Tiger Dust opened its doors the first week of February 2022 and has already carved out a niche spot for itself in the neighborhood.

Want to be kept abreast of the latest offerings available at Tiger Dust? Make sure to follow the concept on Instagram. You can also always shop some love to Dysfunctional Grace in Ybor City on Instagram.


A grand opening celebration is slated for March 19 from 11am-4pm. “We’re gonna have food, grab bags, hopefully swords and fire, and lots more!,” wrote the owners announcing the event.

PS if you have a fixation on creepy dolls, you’re going to love Tiger Dust. Truthfully, a bookstore, VHS shop and pinball arcade all rolled into one is a proverbial entertainment juggernaut.

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