This bakery makes dinosaur, mermaid and zombie cakes — and it just opened in Tampa

Photo of artful baked goods including a mermaid cake, sugar flowers, and a dinosaur cake

Whether you want to see zombies, a dinosaur, or even your pets represented in desserts, one bakery can make it a reality. Sucré Table has been featured on the Food Network, and the concept seamlessly blends art with baking.

The bakery is located at 4048 W. Kennedy Boulevard and will officially open on June 9. Tentative hours are 12-7pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Renowned pastry chef Brenda Villacorta is behind the concept, and brings her passion for pastries and community to Tampa.


Proposed desserts include Sucré’s version of Strawberry Shortcake, a picture perfect blend of Japanese cheese cake, with creme brulee, and strawberry champagne jelee.

Want beautiful bouquets and orchids made of sugar? This bakery can bring the carnations to sweet life for your next cake. The artistry on display here is unparalleled — it’s the kind of dessert that’s almost a shame to stick a fork into.

This commitment to ingenuity and creation is evident in the Villacorta’s time on the Food Network. The pastry chef used some sweet inspiration to bring a creepy nightmare to life for Food Network’s Halloween Wars.


The bakeries instagram features cakes designed to look like zombies, dinosaurs, pups, and mermaids.

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