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The tree house restaurant of your dreams just opened in South Tampa


Ever wanted to dine in the jungle? Couple that experience with CBD infused drinks and dishes and you’ve got Thee Tree House, a new restaurant on Platt Street that is a total revamp of the former Platt Street Borough.

The interior is an immersive adventure. It’s kind of like you got sucked into Jumanji — if the world of that board game featured massive brunch specials and CBD-infused salmon.


If you’re sensing some serious local flavor, then know that your palate is on point. Many of the ingredients used on this microwave- and freezer-free premises are made in-house. This includes pickles, guacamole, jalapenos and tortillas.

Massive lamb meatballs top off the menu

Carnivores, please keep Thee Tree House’s meatballs on your radar. These proverbial meat-eors are composed of Mediterranean lamb with pomegranate tzatziki.

The brains behind the wild kitchen also boast about the sous vide chicken breast. A hearty dish featuring roasted sweet potato, grilled freaking peaches and lobster paella. Hungry yet?


Loosen that belt because dessert is an autumnal burst of glorious apples. A dense cast iron dish of apple pie is topped with decadent Belgian chocolate torte because you can never treat yourself too much.

Forget the fork, eat with your hands

For those who have grown weary of utensils and want to tap into their inner caveman, there’s a whole menu that let’s you stop giving a fork about table manners.

The cocktail menu at Thee Tree House lets you feel good about that spirited indulgence. The restaurant has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for each sale of their CBD-infused Herbaliser cocktail. We’re not quite sure what the ingredients are, but we’re more than down to sip on something soothing for the sake of making this planet a little greener.

Art installation turns the restaurant into a jungle

Diners will sit on rope swings as they bask in the protruding tree art by Alaskan-native Patti Suzette. This restaurant is the treehouse of your dreams. With an imaginative menu and a surreal aesthetic, Thee Tree House is poised to be one of the most talked about restaurants in Tampa.

The owners will host the grand opening on December 7. You can learn more about the concept by following them on Facebook.

Would you try a CBD-infused cocktail? Let us know in the comments!

All photos courtesy of Thee Tree House


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