The Tampa Bay Bands You Need To Know

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This batch of musicians and singers represent the transformative character of Tampa and the Tampa Bay area at large. Their sounds and lyrics represent a community in a cultural renaissance. Their drive and amition emblematic of the aritsts making Tampa an international destination for innovative minds. 

The music produced in Tampa Bay is the siren call to the rest of the world. This is a place built, grown and maintained by artists. In case you haven't had a chance to hear these performers while exploring Ybor City or downtown Tampa, here are some area bands you need to know.




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Wolf-Face brings an unreal energy and mythos to each and every show. They are the perennial face of Burgatory Fest, a music event featuring the best in punk and hardcore this area has to offer, and have a sound so indellible a sharpened steel cuetip couldn't remove their indescribable sound from your eardrums.

Their albums include Caffiends, Still a Son of a Bitch and their self-titled EP. We'd liken them to other bands but their sound and style belongs in a canon all its own. 

The Applebutter Express

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When they come to the Ale and the Witch, the community follows. Applebutter Express blends the deep-rooted folk influences of Hank Williams with the soothing harmonies of artists like Humming House and The Civil Wars.

The Applebutter Express made a name for themselves performing at open mics around Tampa Bay. Today The Applebutter Express has broken through the ceiling in the music industry. Soon they'll reach national audiences as their song "Hey My Brotha" will be featured in the upcoming Ron Howard film "The Good Lie.


Kasondra Rose

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From Michigan, to New York, to Tampa Bay, Kasondra Rose mixes a polished pop sound with a vintage spin that transplants you to a smoky Greenwich Village speakeasy.

Her voice is uplifting with a refined kickdrum rhythm with a few classic latin influences mixed in. She's performed all over Tampa Bay and finds ways to give each audience an altogether unique listening experience.


Save The Radio

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Save The Radio is pure rock. Their sound is the kind that fuels you in the final stretch of a 5k, helps you finish out the last hour on a baron highway during a road trip, their sound is the kind of fuel that succeeds where espresso fails in the early morning.

One of their latest singles "Add It Up" peaked at #37 on the Billboard Indicator Charts. They're often compared to Butch Walker, Seether, Cheap Trick and Foo Fighters for their raw grit and post-punk sensibilities.


The Black Honkeys

A band that requires no introduction, The Black Honkeys have been helping Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater and the state of Florida shake off their tense skin for something more comfortable. The Black Honkeys are at the forefront of the funk revival in the music industry.

This band has become a bit of a legend. Hits like Icebreaker and their always requested cover of Nothing From Nothing have become anthems for their fans.


TC Carr and the Bolts of Blue

TC Carr is a blues legend in Tampa Bay. He hosts the Hideaway Cafe's Blue Night on a rotating basis with his band the Bolts of Blue and performs at various venues around Tampa Bay.

The band's deep, introspective sound is fit for a Scorsese tracking shot, it carries you over the historic roads of Ybor, puts the honey sting of whiskey in your throat and infuses you with the gravity of the blues genre. 


Here are a few more tracks from some of our favorite local artists:


Come Back Alice

*Video via Come Back Alice



Hip Abduction

*Video via The Hip Abduction



Infinite Skillz

*Video via Infinite Skillz





Shout out to Skipper's Smokehouse, Crowbar, Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe, The Ritz, The Orpheum, the Ampitheatre, Bizou Cafe, New World Brewery and all of the other amazing venues around Tampa that help support local musicians. 



This isn't a definative list! Let us know your favorite Tampa band in a comment.


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