The Hall on Franklin adds spot for Sicilian pizza and zeppole, Fork & Gallina

Food halls are all the rage now. That much is evident in the city of Tampa. We’re tipping our hat to the original today, The Hall on Franklin, which features a bevy of diverse food concepts. There’s a new concept that just made its debut, Fork & Gallina, and its menu features everything from pink pasta pillows to Sicilian pizzas. Color us impressed.

Everything on the menu, from the sauces to the pasta, is handmade and labor intensive, according to a release from The Hall on Franklin. While this all may seem high concept, the chef team behind Fork & Gallina are offering “down to earth comfort food.” Expect to savor Italian and Mediterranean flavors.

When you hit up Fork & Gallina’s counter, you’ll get a front row seat to see Chef Mark Taugutt’s and Chef Alfonso’s culinary process. The pair have handled every type spot in the food industry, they’ve gone from tackling the prestigious hustle of Manhattan and luxury resorts, to serving actors and crew on the set of Law & Order (seriously!).

Fork & Gallina joins Bake’n Babes, Poke Rose, Kofe, among several other spots at the food hall.

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The Hall on Franklin, 1701 North Franklin Avenue.

Written by Andrew Harlan

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