Taste of the Fair is a dazzling drive-thru serving up your favorite carnival food

Taste of the Fair seems too wild and cool to be true. All the sweet goodness of a carnival without the heat, and desperate fumbling for more food tickets. The super sugary bites at Taste of the Fair are absolutely over-the-top and well worth the indulgence. Donut bacon burger? Sure. Philly cheesesteak tater tots? We got those on lock. Giant smoked turkey legs that seem plucked from the pages of some Medieval fable? Have at it, friends. If your cravings can dream it, it’s probably already on the menu here.

Massive elephant ears, fried Reese’s, fried Oreos, candy apples, and churros are featured on the aromatic dessert list. Surrender to the crunch, Tampa. Hawaiian pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and a meat lover’s delight are all being served out of the Hot N Fresh Pizza Joint on site. Taste of the Fair is gaining notoriety for its phenomenal strawberry funnel cake under an avalanche of powdered sugar.


We’re not done yet listing the tantalizing options on the menu. There’s even room for fresh squeezed lemonade, Mr. Pibb (a classic), donut hot dogs, shish kebobs, and footlong corndogs.

The wildest drive thru in Florida is located at 13502 N Florida Avenue. You can learn more about the drive-thru by visiting it on Facebook and Instagram.


Before its arrival in Tampa, Taste of the Fair was serving up sweets in Largo. So we recommend you make your way to this drive-thru ASAP.

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