Tarpon Spring’s Replay Amusement Museum is home to the world’s biggest pinball machine

The Replay Amusement Museum is a giant throwback arcade — and it is worth the trip to Tarpon Springs. This retro gaming emporium brings back your favorite pixelated heroes. And yes, it finally gives you the chance to beat the side scrollers from your childhood.

No need to huff and puff on old cartridges, these arcade classics are plugged in and ready to go — and you can leave your quarters at home. We’re so ready to finally beat Mr. Burns in the Simpsons Game.


A retro museum / arcade

The Replay Amusement Museum is an interactive and “playable” museum containing 100 arcade and pinball games all in their original cabinets. Plus, the arcade is home to the world’s biggest pinball machine.

All of the games are set to “free play” as visitors are charged a one-time admittance fee – $14 for adults, $8 for children 7-12 and younger are free.


Just to name a few of the classic games they have on hand: Fix It Felix, Addams Family Pinball, The Who’s Tommy Pinball, Dig Dug, Doctor Mario, Paper Boy, Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Moonwalker, Mortal Kombat, Tron and Q-Bert to name a few. These kind of games could really provide some context to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph for the younger generation.

An animated scrapbook of the past

This latter idea is precisely the point of Replay Amusement. It stands as more than just an arcade, but an homage to the past and a salve for our 80s and 90s nostalgia.

“We strive to awaken the sweetest memories of those who grew up in different time and trigger the fascination and interest in a younger generation,” Bobbi Douthitt said in an interview with News Channel 8 in July of last year.

For more information on visiting Retro Amusement Museum at 119 East Tarpon Avenue, click here. Currently, they are offering date night deals with double admission on Friday and Saturday for $22. Plus, if you are really a retro gaming enthusiast, they have month or year-long memberships.


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