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Tampa’s Top Coffee Spots


Kahwa Coffee
Kahwa Coffee is as local as you can get. All of their roasting is done right here in Tampa Bay, you can even take a tour of their production site! Kahwa Coffee only has 100% Arabica beans, the highest quality in the world. With the highest quality coffee beans in the world, it only makes sense to call Kahwa Coffee one of the best coffee spots in the world!
11588 Fountainhead Dr.
3928 Henderson Blvd.
808 North Tampa St.



Buddy Brew
Buddy Brew believes coffee is best when it’s freshly roasted and meticulously prepared. You can find Buddy Brew at Oxford Exchange, Hyde Park, Tampa International Airport, and you can find their brewtruck all around Tampa. They also sell their beans at Publix and Whole Foods if you are looking to have top-notch coffee in the comfort of your own home.
2020 W. Kennedy Blvd.
1605 Snow Ave.
4100 George J Bean Pkwy.

Cafe Hey
If you’re looking for a large selection of coffee and a bite to eat, Cafe Hey is the place for you. Every Thursday night they host an open mic night filled with poetry, live music, and performances.
1540 N Franklin St

Caffeine Roasters
Caffeine Roasters stands out for its caffeine specialties, including Cold Brew infused with hints of orange, an iced frothy sweet drink (think ice cream!) called an Aero Cappuccino, and Sparkling Coffee – a truly magical concoction of espresso and ginger ale!
2420 W Kennedy
212 E Cass Street
DI Coffee Bar
If you’re looking for a spot with Instagram-worthy coffee art, check out DI Coffee Bar. DI Coffee Bar uses Panther Coffee, a Miami-based coffee roaster, retailer, and wholesaler. They roast in small batches in order to serve the highest-quality coffee.
214 E Davis Blvd.

Felicitous Coffee
Felicitous Coffee is the ultimate coffee shop for USF students. It is walking distance from USF and is bike-friendly. If you’re looking for a great study spot Felicitous is your place!
14204 N. 42nd Street


Jet City Espresso
Jet City Espresso allows you to taste the flavors of Seattle coffee right here in Tampa! They not only have coffee but smoothies and freshly baked scones as well. They’ve been thriving in Tampa since before Starbucks hit the scene and they’re still thriving today!
2112, 318 S Edison Ave

Spaddy’s Coffee Co.
Spaddys Coffee Co. serves coffee from local artisan roasters as well as tea sourced locally from Kaleisia Tea Lounge. Spaddy’s offers Espresso, Cortado, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Flavored Latte/Capp, Iced Latte, Cold Brew Iced Coffee, Chai Tea, Green Tea, Fruit Tea, Tea Lemonades, and Black Tea. They also have a great courtyard lounge area with wifi to caffeinate while you work.
5206 N. Florida Ave

The Blind Tiger
The Blind Tiger has outstanding coffee but what truly sets them apart is their cozy and casual atmosphere. Their coffee is brewed to perfection at their three Tampa locations. Oh, and did we mention they have macaroons too? Talk about a scrumptious addition to your morning coffee.
934 S. Howard Ave.
4304 N Florida Ave.
1901 E 7th Ave.

The Lab Coffee
This spot is all about trying new things and shaking up the menu, which makes the name The Lab Coffee very fitting. The Lab is always making a new creation so you never get bored of the same tasting coffee.
1703 West State Street

UNION, Coffee & Tea by Commune + Co.
Union, Coffee & Tea by Commune + Co. not only has outstanding coffee and tea but an outstanding atmosphere as well.  If you’re looking to try something new, they’ve even developed their own method of brewing iced coffee called Pressure Brew. It was developed to highlight the sweetness, nuance, and character of exceptional coffees. They say, “we will spare no expense, nor overlook any detail, in pursuit of providing you the perfect cup.”
1910 N Ola Ave Suite #108

Images courtesy of Kahwa Coffee, Spaddy’s Coffee Co., The Blind Tiger, The Lab Coffee, Union, @sabrinareneesmith, Jet City Espresso, Cafe Hey, DI Coffee Bar, Caffeine Roasters, and Felicitous Coffee

Header image by The Blind Tiger


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