Tampa’s Best Indian Food is Hiding Behind a Gas Station

*Featured image via Google Maps

The best Indian food in Tampa can be found while your pumping gas. Yes, right next to the BP at 4843 West Kennedy sits Curry Leaves, an Indian and Thai kitchen that is plating some of the most luscious butter chicken and tikka masala that you can find in the area.


Astonishing curries await you

Listen to this welcome from their website: “We appear before you astonishingly. To make your moments more and more joyous we are dedicating our adventure to you…We are here to bear the palanquin of taste and of tale. We are beginning our journey! Go refreshed; get exiled into the world of taste. Walk into the palace of Curry Leaves and have our fantabulous feast like a king!” OMG. Cheese and crackers this is friggin adorable.



Well, thank you, Curry Leaves, we also appear before you (*bows) humbly hungry with a boodle-kadoodle of Bengal tiger cubs in our stomach (*points to stomach) that can only be appeased by colorful plates of curry and vindaloo, can we have this dance? But, we digress.


Get ready for a banquet at the palace

Curry Leaves is the perfect weeknight or Sunday afternoon spot as food is served banquet style in an elegant atmosphere that will quickly make you forget people are pumping gas out the window. They are serving up special and unique versions of the classic like Kundapur Chicken, Chicken Korma, Malabar Curry and, the chef’s special, Ularthu, masala roasted with coconut and curry.



The restaurant is not far from the airport making it a great spot to take family and friends before they head out of town. Curry Leaves will certainly give them a fantastic reminder of how banging the food scene is in Tampa.


Visit Curry Leaves at 4843 West Kennedy and you may want to check Google for busy times because this place is no longer a secret, sorry all.


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