Tampa window washer shares photos from above

two people standing on a tall building with a photo of a downtown sprawl
Photo via Branden Hatch

One former Tampa window washer is showcasing the city in an entirely new way. Resident Branden Hatch shared a gallery of footage from his time as a high rise window washer in the Tampa Bay region. The Facebook Group, Tampa! Born and Raised and Remember When… is a wonderful time capsule filed with historic photos of the city, captures of old restaurant menus, and stories from those who have called this city home for a long time, or those who used to call this city home.

The photos themselves showcase Al Lang Stadium in St. Petersburg, views of the Channel District back in the day before all the Water Street construction began, views of 275 and the Courtney Campbell Causeway. The post began: “I use to do high rise window cleaning years ago, here’s some views of Tampa y’all have probably never seen before.”

sunrise view of a downtown area with a highway in the foreground

“The thrill is about it lol the pay is pretty good, but I’ll never go back to doing it again,” wrote Hatch in response to a question asking why he did the job.

When asked about the pay, Hatch commented: “The higher you went, the more you got paid but it started around $15-16 but I was young so that seemed like a lot to me. Hell no now.”

a panoramic view of a waterfront district with an overpass going through the city.
Sunset over a downtown skyline

Some picture were taken from Rocky Point, while others just capture the incomparable beauty of sunset over the Tampa skyline.

View of a hotel on a beach with road traffic
two tall building with reflective windows

Today, Hatch has his feet planted firmly on the ground. He works for an attorneys office handling AP and also serves as the Financial Analyst for the office.

When asked about the overall experience of scaling these buildings, Hatch wrote, “oh it was awesome! It was me and my friends and their step dad owned the company.”


Could you handle working as a window washer in Tampa? All our props to the folks that clean the windows on the Sykes building.

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