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Tampa Treasure: Lowry Parcade

It is generally pretty hard to bring back the feeling from those 90’s-style arcades – darkly lit rooms, quarters on the edge of the arcade glass to note who had next – but Lowry Parcade on 1213 W. Water Avenue comes pretty close to playing that sacred ocarina and bringing you back in time.

Lowry Parcade is a true Double Dragon: awesome arcade and craft brew hub.


The ultimate arcade and bar in Tampa

“Our passion for quality craft beer is matched with our love of old school games,” Lowry Parcade states on its website. “Florida has an amazing range of breweries that we love to feature, so our beer menu focuses first on local breweries with their vast mix of styles.”

Ok, we will slow down here. Yes, yes, you are hearing all this correctly. There is still a decent place on Earth where you can have one hand on a red-knobbed joystick and the other around a mug of frothy Florida-brewed ale. It is essentially like your skinny teenage self collided with your big-headed adult self inside a shame-free, nerd-encouraged zone.


Adult- and kid-friendly

Also, kids are allowed to enjoy Lowry Parcade until 11pm. So, dad-man shielded in that baby Bjorn, you can maybe have your dreams come true – bring the kids, sneak a sip of stout and play some Donkey Kong. No one will stop you – as long as it is before 11pm (and at that point it seems pretty fair to read them a dang bedtime story and tuck em in – shat!).

And after 11pm, those left standing can take in all Lowry Parcade has to offer – Neo Geo, foosball, Bobby, Elvira and the Party Monsters Pinball, Iron Maiden Pro Pinball, air hockey, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, NBA Jam, The Simpsons, Mortal Kombat 3, and much more. Hey, also, if you are hungry food trucks are generally a lock to be parked outside, so double bonus.

Get your quarters ready

Lastly, Lowry Parcade also hosts great events that benefit important charities like the Insert Coins to Care event benefiting the Global Autism Project happening on May 15th. This would be a great time to check out the place, if you have never been before.

You can visit Lowry Parcade at 1213 W. Water Avenue. They are open Monday-Thursday from 5pm-1am , Saturday 3pm – 3am and Sunday 3pm – 1am. Follow the Parcade on Facebook for updates on new events and specials.


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