Tampa Ranks as One of Silicon Valley’s Top Competitors for Tech Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley has long been a beacon for growth, development and opportunity in the tech industry, and for good reason. The area has inspired some of the greatest industry disruptors in the world. Competition breeds ingenuity, and while Silicon Valley may remain the champion for tech startups, several up and coming cities are looking to join them in that rarified air.

Entrepreneur recently released a list of the top destinations competing with Silicon Valley for attracting tech startups; the city of Tampa came in at number two. One of our home’s main allures is the multi-billion dollar Water Street Tampa project, which will turn the Channelside District into a proverbial incubator with activated roofs, a new USF Medical Research Center, tons of new retail spots and countless new residences.


We want to show there is much to be learned and the same salary to be earned, allowing talented employees to learn and grow professionally without them having to live in their cars in our parking lot because of the skyrocketing cost of rent.

Dan Wesley, CEO of Tampa-based Quote.com

Rising home values give Tampa a major boost

The relative affordability of Tampa when compared to the larger cities out West certainly puts it in serious conversation when ambitious developers are looking to set roots. Home values are up, a near 7% increase in values since 2015, unemployment is at just 4.4%, well below the national average, and it remains one of the most pet-friendly cities in America.

Add to that a flourish food scene, a litany of sports and entertainment events, as well as ample green space and prestigious universities and you have all the makings of a city on the rise. You can view Entrepreneur’s full list online.

Co-working spaces such as Tampa Bay Wave, a longtime friend of That’s So Tampa, further fuel the tech boom in Tampa Bay. The incubator serves as a space for smaller companies to, pardon our French, get sh*t done, while also facilitating networking opportunities for new arrivals to the area.

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